my socials:

my twitter is @__inthegarage.

dm my twitter for my discord tag ( i only accept requests from friends )

before you follow me (BYF):

i can tag everything except homestuck and weezer. just dm me if you need something tagged

i need vimid , uwu / owo , and kittydog tagged.

do not interact with me (DNI):

-you are against xenogenders or neopronouns

-you are against lesbians who use prns other than she/her or gays who use prns other than he/him

-you are an exclusionist

-you are a bi/pan/straight lesbian or a supporter of them

-you are a bi/pan/straight gay or a supporter of them

-you think june egbert isnt canon / june and her deadname can coexist

-you support trump

-you are against LGBTQ+

-you are ableist

-you are racist

-you are a map/pedo or a supporter of them

-you dont agree with acab or blm

-you use the slur "femboy" when youre not transfem

-you support kittydog